Hydrogen as a global commodity

Hydrogen is becoming a commodity – an article of commerce. The H2 industry has been waiting for this for a long time. Decades have passed in which suitable applications for fuel cells were sought – mainly in vain – before it became clear that hydrogen has the potential, as a storage medium for renewable energies, […]

Complaints halt hydrogen project in Switzerland

Swiss energy concern Axpo had intended to build a hydrogen production facility at the Eglisau-Glattfelden hydroelectric power plant. However the project, which was to be located directly on the German-Swiss border, has now been stopped due to complaints about the granting of a special license. The hydrogen plant was expected to have a capacity of […]

Germany-speed for hydrogen – not only for LNG terminals

It’s now become apparent to most market observers that the energy supply in Germany and Europe is going to fundamentally change. Instead of fossil fuels it’ll be up to renewable energy sources to keep the economy and society moving. Given what we know today, hydrogen will be paramount to this transformation process since there’s no […]

myFC goes bankrupt

For many years Swedish company myFC repeatedly made headlines with its specialist fuel cell applications – ranging from fuel cell systems for cell phones to electrically powered bicycles. In fall 2022 the disclosure was made that the company, which has been listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market since 2014, had filed for insolvency […]

Potential for 1,000 billion USD annually

Investors at the stock exchange are betting on good instincts regarding companies, industrial branches and, above all, those shares that in the future will determine development and have an above-average growth. These companies must and should be excellent at earning money, which is a clearly defined criterion for an increase in stock market valuation. In […]

Ballard Power – Each market is approached individually

Ballard Power is positioning itself as a leading player in the use of fuel cells in the transportation sector. The Canadian company wants to occupy a top position in the new megatrend and expand it to benefit from the tremendous growth expected in the coming years (orders and scaling = revenue and profit). As outlined […]

Plug Power – Targets adjusted to reality

Plug Power already announced weeks ago that the target turnover for this year will be five to ten percent lower than the originally projected 900 to 925 million USD for 2022. The third quarter led to a turnover of 188.6 million USD (plus of 31.1 percent from the year before), which however was about 55.6 million USD less […]

Europe is really starting to accelerate

Those who weren’t familiar with Refire before can now think of the fuel cell company every time they hear the name Clean Logistics, because the startup from Niedersachsen has a supply contract for fuel cell systems from the company. So it’s not surprising that Audrey Ma, Refire Group Vice President International Markets, had been invited […]

Commercial vehicle sector is wonderfully unemotional

Be it fuel cells or hydrogen engines, (almost) all major commercial vehicle manufacturers are putting their efforts into hydrogen propulsion. A fact that has so far largely gone unnoticed by the average person. While the public debate still rages around the use of hydrogen in the automobile industry, it would seem the trucking sector made […]

f-cell reinvents itself

Last fall heralded the start of a new era in Germany’s hydrogen events sector. The trade fair and conference once known as f-cell, organized by Peter Sauber Messen und Kongress for over two decades, took place in Stuttgart on October 4 and 5 – this time under the sole direction of exhibition center operator Messe Stuttgart. […]